First circus....



              The History of Indian circus starts at 1900 with 'Vishnu Path Moreswar Chatra' in Maharashtra. But at early age of circus animals played most part of the show. But the history changes when Chatra's circus came to Thalassery. 'Keeleri Kunhikkannan' ,The gymnastic instructor of the B.E.M.P High school , a multi face talent intoduced a new idea of training young talents for circus. This idea was neglected first. But history proved he was correct. Keeleri started a new school for training youth for circus. At this time Perial Kannan, one of Keeleri's old student and a circus performer approach him to restart his school. Keeleri introduced several new adventure items to the ring it was novel even for the European circus. The major thing was several women performers also introduced to the ring. Perial Kannan, PoovadanKunjambu, Govindan, Kanari, Velandi, Yashodha and Madhavi were some of the first students at Keeleri's school. With these people Perial started Kerala's First circus named "Periyalies Malabar Grand Circus". But the circus was a failure. Enen though the performers in this circus famed and that time India's great circus were on demand for the performers. By then the golden era of Kerala's circus begin. But now new youth were not intrested in circus because of the dangers in the ring and the introduction of several social reforms. The great man of indian circus passed away by the end of 1930's. He is the first to took actions to reduce the importance of animals in the ring and introduces great human participation in the ring. But as history's controversy his motherland neglected to take sufficient steps to retain the memory of this great indian performer who made circus more interesting and familiar. Kannan Bombayo, One of Keeleris first student, who called 'Jumping Devil' by Adolf Hitler. 90%of Circus in India are from Thalassery
Gemini, Great Bombay, Jumbo,Orient,Kamala,Amar,National,Great Eastern etc are some of the Circus companies from Thalassery.

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