thalassery cricket....  

       Sir Arthur Wellesley stayed in what is now the sub-collector’s bungalow near the fort. He and all the other English officers started cricket in Thalassery in the early nineteenth century.
Thalassery is the first place in India where the common man played cricket. In Mumbai (then Bombay) and Kolkata (then Calcutta) it was only the Englishman and in other places Maharajas that played cricket. The Englishmen of Thalassery took peons, dhobis and fisher folk to play cricket with them.
It became such an important place, known outside also, that when Maharajkumar of Vijayanagaram who formed a team made up of the finest players from India and England to tour India, the three places he played matches in south India were, Chennai, then Madras, Bangalore and Thalassery. This was in 1930, and the youngest players were K.P.Kunhammed and Murkoth Ramunny. These were before Ranji Trophy matches. Test matches had not been heard of in India. There were annual presidency matches between Englishmen and Indians at Madras. K.M.Madhavan and Vachali Sukumaran of Thalassery played for Indians. Teddy Gabriel played for Madras University. Father of Collin Coudry, the player of M.C.C, England who playe dcricket in Thalassery.

People playing Cricket at Thalassery Municipal Stadium

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