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Gymnastic Centre under the Sports Authority of India (SAI). Experts from India & abroad works in this Centre. It is situated next to Municipal Stadium.

                  Among the two educational districts in Kannur revenue ,the first one is Thalassery. There are 67 high schools in Thalassery ; among them there are 24 government high schools and 4 un-aided high schools.
Brennen’s Educational Establishment:
Edward Brennen was the one and only man who brought English education in the history of Thalassery. Brennen was very lovable and kind, especially towards the poor people. in 1862 Brennen started his first school and in 1868 a high school. Later by the pressure from the society the institutions were handover to the government and later in 1883 as the district school. After one year 1884, it was again handover to the Thalassery municipality. Later Thalassery educational system had been grown to a new generation by developing the Brennen College in 1893; it was the first and only college between Mangalore and Calicut. Then later in 1949 the high school was transfered from the college to Chirakkara and in 1958 the college was changed to Dharmadam. After a later year by 1999 it was named as government Brennen College with a 142 years of experience. Today there are about 760 students in Brennen College. There is also an excellent result for Brennen high schools for SSLC Examinations.


Thalassery as an educational district:

                  On the northern and southern Thalassery ,there are seven sub-districts performing as the educational department. In that there are 2462 teachers and about 55450 students. Thalassery educational district was been launched before establishing Kerala educational law. Thalassery taluk was a division of old “Kurumbranadu Kottayam Taluk” .Before 1954 Thalassery educational office was called and known as ‘North Malabar Office’. In earlier days, for office working there were only two clerks, one head clerk, one Safodar and an educational officer.
Thalassery educational district has a relevant role in getting many educational awards for the students and teachers




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