first Bakery....


        The First bakery in India was started by ' Mampally Bapu' and Sons.'MampallyBapu' who started a biscuit company in 1880 attracted the foreigners by his sweet products. He studied the taste of cake from bakers from England and made biscuits and bread by the neighbors cooperation.

                    20th December 1883 has an important role in Bakery industry of India. The English officer Brown brought a cake from England to Bapu. Bapu just smelt it and understood its composition and ingredients. Thus cake was baked by Bapu in 1883.
                   Bapu handed over his biscuit company to his son-in-laws. Mampally Gopalan who got the biscuit company at Thalassery, then handed it to his son Mampally Narayanan who's sons now doing Bakery business inside and outside Kerala.


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