Folk Dances....

         A large number of folk plays and dances are prevalent among the scheduled casts and tribes. They believe that dancing and singing make their gods happy. Each tribe has it s own glorious collection of folk plays and dances which are performed during festivals. Among the adiyans there is a folk play in which senior man plays on a “Thudi” (Drum) and the men sing and dance to the beating of the drum. Though their woman does not participate in the dance, they join in the community singing.

                          The Malayalers had among them an interesting from of mock fighting called “Vishanti” in which they used wooden shields supplied by members of other casts and the actual Vishanti or Blowing was done with the stems of plantain leaves. This kind of mock fighting has now practically disappeared.
The Malayans have the “Thiyyattom” ceremony which consists of dancing with mass and singing and the “Uchavali” ceremony which is symbolic of human sacrifice. The “Paniyar” have their characteristic devil dance.



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