Thalassery fort....

                 During the last decades of 17th century, Thalassery and surrounding areas were in name, under ‘vadakkilankoor', but it was the 'Kolathiri' who was the actual ruler. It was from him that the British got possession of some land near the beach for a godown to store the spices collected from the interior.

              A local chief - 'Kurungot Nair' attacked the godown. To avoid such incidents the English traders got permission to build a fort at the same place. The Vadakkan Koor himself laid the foundation stone in 1702. The land was obtained from one ‘Poonolil Pothuval’ and the Thiruvappan hill belonging to ‘Valur Thangal’.    

 Thus the East India Company got a permanent hold in Thalassery what they called Tellicherry. The work on the fort was completed in 1708 and the Raja handed it over to the company officially. Thereafter they made efforts to obtain Dharmapatanam andt to ouset the French fro Mahe. For the next century it was minor battles with the various chiefs and the Sultans of Mysore. Finally by 1972 the East India Company had established themselves to rule the land. Slowly but steadily, one by one the local chiefs, through diplomacy, in other words playing one against the other, were influenced and subjugated. That is a long story.


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