General Information:
Name of the Municipality :Thalassery
Grade :1
Villages :Thalassery, Tiruvangad, Kodiyeri
Taluk :Thalassery
District :Kannur
Assembly Area :Thalassery
Parlement Area :Vadakara
M.L.A. :Sri:Kodiyeri Blakrishnan
M.P :Adv: P Sathidevi
Sri: K.P.Raveendran
Vice Chairman
Sri:Pilakandi Mohamed Ali
North : Erenholi, Dharmadam Villages
South : New Mahe, Mahe
East : Mahe Corporation, Erancholi Village
West : Arabian Sea
Total Area : 23.96 Sq Kms.
Population (2001) : 99384
Men : 46767
Women : 52619
Density of population : 4148 / Sq Km.
SC/ST's : 2620
No: of Wards : 50
SC/ST Reserved Wards : 1
Men : 92%
Women : 82%


Thalassery has humid climate with an oppressive hot season from March to the end of May. This is followed by the South - West monsoon which continuous till the end of September. October and November form the post - monsoon or retrieving monsoon season. The north-east monsoon which follows extends up to the end of February, although the rain generally ceases after December.
During the month of April and May the mean daily maximum temperature is about 35c. temperature is low in December and January- about 20c on certain days the night temperature may go down to 16c
The annual average rain fall is 3438mm and more than 80% of it occurs during the period of south western monsoon. The rainfall during July is very heavy and receives 68% of the annual rain fall during this season.

The Language spoken by the people is Malayalam. Tamil, which is next in importance. Those who have languages other than Malayalam as their mother tongue can generally understand and speak Malayalam

The Hindu community in this district, as else where the country, is organized on the basis of casts and sub casts. The broad divisions of community are thiyya, Nairs, ambalavasis, Brahmins and kammalan.
The Thiyyas form the majority among the Hindu community in the district. Though they corresponded to the ezhavas in the southern parts of the state, both the communities disclaim any such connections.
The Muslims, here known as mappilas, form the second largest community. Majority of them are Sunnis.
 Malik-bin-dinar of Arabia is believed to have founded mosque at Valappattanam Madai Srikandapuram and Dharmadam.
Though Christianity is believed to have been introduced in Kerala by the apostle St:Thomas in 52 AD, the religion made progress only with the advent of the Portuguese towards the close of the 15th century.


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