History of Thalassery....

                      According to Gazetteer of Malabar provinces by the British people, The ancient name of Thalassery was Thiruvangad( SwetharanyaPuram). 'Swetham' means' White' , 'Aranyam' means 'Forest' and 'Puram' means 'city'. Another name was 'Thalkachery'.'Kachery' means Administrative Center. thus 'Thalakachery' means center of administration.     
            Thalassery was a coastal village, where the rich products of the hinterland areas were brought for sale to foreign merchants who came by ship. Slowly Thalassery  grew up to be an Important town as the fort as the centre of activities. Offices for administration, judiciary and residential quarters on seven hills chosen specially for their natural beauty, foliage, view and healthy climate came up. Some of them still remain.


                         No one has recorded the ancient history of thalassery. But certain aspects of the life of the people of the place Thalassery, and the entire Malabar Coast, still remain. They have developed certain characteristics in human beings.history or legends say that Jains and Buddists arrived on the coast long ago. At that time there was no caste distinction. There were perhaps’ guilds’, each group of people doing same job. They came closer and lived close to each other. Then Bhramanical hindusm came centuries ago, they became “castes” separated from each other, and caste system developed. There are legends often quoted about the advent of Buddism in the village of Dharmadam, which was known as Dharmapatanam(even in British days)and was supposed to be a Buddist centre. This village adjoins  Thalassery.      
                          Of all the foreigners it was the English who came to settle in Thalassery.Perphaps there were a few reasons. The finest pepper was available in the hinterland of Thalassery and Dharmapatanam. .Cardomon was available on the way to Wayanad.They required a new area where there would be no conflict from other European countries. Above all they wanted the Island of Dharmapatanam (Dharmadam) which was surrounded by rivers on three sides and sea on the forth. There were disputes among local chiefs and they could not immediately get possession of the island. So they settled in Thalassery.   


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