King pazhashi....  

           Memory of Kerala Varma Pazashi Raja given in great exitement perhaps due to his leadership. in the mist intense siviar battle interested by southern india againsteastindia company proving by his own life that place of one birth and country in greatrr than heaven and his successful compaign to make a large population. Malabar aware that self respect in larger than cast religion or society . All compaign against pazassiraja was Centered in the Nerve ceter of East India company diffence in the thalassery fort . Company officials had no idea that they were extending the helping hard against attach Tipu Sulthan to some body who is a lion capablity making them shine with fear ------
Kerala Varma was feared to become pazassiraja due to escape incorbent King to Travencore during on slaught of Tipu in 1780 . As per sreerangamtreaty in 1982 And surrender in Tipu East india company Initiated contract designed to suhijagali rular in malabar Pazassiraja was confermed as ruler of Kottayamhow ever,yearly payment of Rs 25000 had to he made as company share from his taxes collected by him
Perhaps as we know today would not have existed Pazassiraja had it not being for own uncle who appropriated for himself his right to collect taxes by conspiring with East India company Which was wrong information
pazhassi Raja open as section of him collect taxes braught him to -----------------------
-----with the company
Company deployed army in various part of Kottayam in 1796 the company army marched to the Fort to --------the Raja Alive.But having smelled-------he had shifted his residence to a secrate place in ----------.How ever he had lot his money and other
earning by now .But he did not ----------------

Company ordered allpeople including local cheif---who were -------disposed towards him ,to isolate pazhassiRaja.they also declared that those who duty the order will be deprived their wealth and possisions ---Pazhassi Raja was study determination
That determination was ---------------------------------------------------- of allsection of people comparing various cast/ religon/socity/-----such as farmerers , brahmins ,Nairs, Thiyyas & muslims
We have no evidencs or autheritative informations from their---------- what Pazhassy the battels he lead and there have men who helped him.Wecan become aware of the intencity of rich the sacrifices made by the Raja and his men magnitude of bones suffered by East India company etc...
Only from their account 'Thalassery recordes reveal that force lead by sree --------- attached a British ditachment of so men and the killed all of them
Kurchi Army raised for the porpose of helping pazhassi Raja presented literally sleepless days and night to East India company In March 1797 'Kurchi' fights Attached and killed 38 -----of the army moving towards wayanad more that numberof got injured.As a result of this an army column of more than 1000 men under the command major cameroan was vacating wayanad in fight many of them were
put to------------------------------a great blow to East India company .Insurgency was widly spread for10 years from in 1796 under his leadership of pazhassy. Teribly harashed by pazyasshy,company had proposed to has far to right to collect taxes to orginal rules who had to fled to Travencore in the -------.Brave pazhasy had consuited to the same this ------- agriment came with far on 23 july in 1797
unfortunatly orginal rules could not make taxe collection ------------------------------------------company directly took over his affairs of Kottayam this -----Keralavarma even more arrest spread all men the land the period between 1797 and in 1799was
more or less peaceful this was became company was concentrating all atention and ---------------------------------------------
Tipu .After Tipu company took over the affairs of wayanad from pazhassiRaja who was uncharge of the same ----- this provoked pazhassi still more .Pazhassi's affair attach frightent his company to some how ---------- the lion of Kerala-------generaly known as 'steelduha' was sent to Malabar .
Company army was deploid in large scale. Local police known as --------------- Killed ---------------------
It is in wayanad that pazhassyb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kurchi more than five thousand attached company forces .In 1803 isurgency spread beyond Kottayam

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