first news paper in kerala....  


        Dr: Gundert in October 1845 lead to the foundation of the first Malayalam newspaper, 'Rajyasamacharam' in which stones were used for the purpose. It aimed mainly in spreading christ's messages. Later in October 1847 Basel Mission, a missionary group, developed the second newspaper, 'Pashimodayam' which unlike the former ones, concentrated in history, rulers, science. geography etc. and also the progress of the west.
                        Dr: Frederic Muller, who came to help Gundert in 1842 was the editor of 'Parshimodayam', in which articles like 'Jyothishavasam', 'Keralapazhama', 'Geography', 'Bilathivishesham' were published. 'Jyothishavasam' laid down the fact that Astrology's boundaries are unlimited and beyond science. 'Keralapazhama' explains the history from Vasco- De- Gamma's entrance to the Portuguese history of 1681. The geographic detail of the countries of Asia and Europe are mentioned in 'Geography' in which India and Cochin has a special Importance. 'Pashimodayam' had important among people of all religions.





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