Thiruvangad Sree Rama Swamy temple ...              

        Thiruvangad Sree Rama Swami Temple is one of the three prominent SreeRama temples in Kerala .It is believed thas ‘Swethamuni’ the disciple of ‘Agasthya’ enshrined the temple. ‘Kerala Mahatmyam’ says that Lord Parashurama enshrined the temple at Thiruvangadu .The temple is marked by its campus which is as wide as stadium .This temple is one of the five Perumal temples. The elegant of Kerala temple architecture can be seen everywhere in this temple. Myriad woodcarvings, which elucidate the story of Ramayana, are in ‘Namaskara mandapa’ and Sreekovil.

        This temple which William Logan named Brass Pagoda has great important in the history of Kerala also. Thiruvangad SreeRama Temple was the main location from where British East India Company made covenants with local clients and Landlords. It was T.H .Baber, the collector of East India Company, who made the outer wall of the temple in 1815.


        This temple still acts as encouraging force for many temple art forms in Kerala, which are rampantly vanishing. It is also well known for its elegant procession during the festival season. The seven-day long festival starts on April 13.The main deity in the templeare SreeRama, Anjaneya, Subramanya, Ganesh and Bhagavathi. The holy pond in the temple is about two acre wide and noted for its traditional architecture and beauty.

        Thiruvangad SreeRama Temple is only 1.5 kilometers away from Thalassery bus stand and railway



ponds inside the temple



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