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Thalassery Fort:
The Fort constructed by the Brtitish in 1708 was the Military Center of British.Now at a Historical Monument. The Famous St:Johnes Anglican Church is Behind this Fort.

Dharmadam Island :
A small Island full of coconut palms and green bush extending to five acres. 100 meters away from main land at Dharmadam. The Island is a beutiful site from the beach.

Muzhappilangad Drive -in Beach :
Clean beach from currents of the deep, Making it's Shallows waters a swimmer's paradise. perhaps this is kerala only Drive-in beach.Where are can drive entire length of 4 kms.

Gundert Bungalow :
Dr: Herman Gundert, the reward German Missionary, Scholar and Lexicographer lived in this bungalow for 20 years from 1893.

Tiruvangad Sri Rama Swamy Temple:
Sri Rama Swamy Temple in Thalassery is one of the best wood carved temple in India

Andaloor Kavu:
Andaloor Kavu. The only temple which have 'Sri Hanuman' , 'Rama' & 'Sitha' sitting face to face.
Town Mosque
one of the most beautiful mosques in the district. It is said to be more than a thousand years old and has been rebuild in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture.
St:Johns Church
Church built beneath the walls of the fort with the funds left by the master attendant of British Mr. Edward Brennen. This is the oldest Catholic Church in the district.
Odathil Masjid
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