Vadakkan Pattukal ....

        Ballads sung in praise of the exploits of local heroes form an important source of inspiration for the community. These ballads are sometimes connected with deities. Some of them are on miraculous life and deeds of heroes and heroines.
The ballads which originated in the northern parts of Kerala, known as "Vadakken Pattukal",are the most popular among them. Almost all Vadakkan Pattukals are closely associated with Kalari (martial) and payattu (fight).most of the songs in this category are in praise of the members of two families in north Kerala namely “Puthuram Veedu” and “Tacholi Manikkottu Veedu'” of which the former belonged to Tiyya and latter to Nair sub castes of the Hindus.These songs used in the time of farming and marriage functions in Thalassery.
        Evidently, these ballads of Kannur, which belonged to the 16th century A.D., Portray a social system which demands every youth to undergo martial training.



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